Warranty and Autos Rivada are two closely linked concepts. In fact, many customers talk about the so-called Rivada Warranty, or what is the same, the confidence of knowing that the car has been completely supervised, the same confidence that leads customers to trust us again and again year after year when it comes to buying a vehicle.

The first element behind this trust is time. Autos Rivada has been a reference sale in Galicia and northern Portugal for more than 35 years. Our strategic location in Mos, just 15 minutes from Vigo, and connected to the A-52 motorway, has been key to enjoying ideal logistics.

Our Bosch Car Service Workshop is in charge of supervising the good condition and operation of all vehicles. But we not only have the endorsement of working hand in hand with Bosch Car Service, but to do it with the Q1 distinction after obtaining a global index of over 92% in Quality Audits. An indication that for us excellence is the starting point.

But the guarantee goes far beyond the mechanical. Several departments participate in one way or another when providing this guarantee:

  • The Purchasing Department is responsible for the purchase of the vehicles. The search for the best suppliers is key to acquiring units whose maintenance history shows the necessary care according to the indications of each brand. Our large volume of purchase and our extensive repurchase programs allow a permanent stock of more than 200 vehicles with the best value for money.
  • The Commercial, Administrative and Financial Departments accompany before and after the sale to our customers, with detailed monitoring since the customer enters through the doors of our dealership. All information is provided with transparency and haste.
  • Finally, the Cleaning Department is responsible for making the car look like the first day. A thorough and detailed work that the entire team performs with care and expertise in each vehicle.

Thus, behind the Rivada’s Guarantee there is a human team made up of more than 30 professionals from all disciplines and departments but with a clear shared objective: to strive to provide a differentiated service so that the client feels always accompanied and clothed since leaving our facilities with your new car. And that huge responsibility is what moves us every day.